Improve Your Golf Game with these Quick and Easy Hints

Golf is one of those games where some days you have a great game and other days you’re like a duck out of water. So how can you make your game consisistent?Well,Improve Your Golf Game with these Quick and Easy Hints Articles whether you’re new to the game, a beginner golfer or at a standard level there are many basic rules that can help improve and maintain your game – along with more complicated ones! Below is a brief checklist of Dos and Don’ts that will help you improve your golf game.Here are some dos and don’ts for your golf game!DOs1. Always stretch for at least 10 minutes prior to your round. Your balance depends on it.2. Focus just as much on pitching and putting as you do on driving the ball. The shot with a driver is just that – one shot. However a poor approach close to the green can cost a golfer two or three shots a hole.3. Damage control. Step back a minute after a bad shot or bad bounce. Chances are, if you rush to get it out of your mind, you’ll also rush 광양 오피 your next swing and compound the problem.4. Film your swings. If you get a chance, use a video camera to watch exactly what you do during a swing. Are you consistent? If not, you might consult your local golf pro.5. Exercise! Even though it is one of the more relaxing ones, golf is still a sport. You need maximum strength and agility to be able to play well.DON’Ts1. Don’t choke the club. Too tight of a grip will cause your body to be rigid from flexing and restrict proper balance.2. Don’t be Tiger Woods or any other pro player that you see. You have to mold your game to your body and your playing style. That’s the beauty of golf…it’s an individual game!3. Don’t overanalyze. After a bad swing, it is normal to think about what went wrong, but if you dwell on the problem, it will affect your whole round.4. Don’t just show up. Getting to your round right when it starts is a good way to stay over the century mark. Golf is as much mental preparation as physical. Allow time to clear your mind and focus on your round.5. Don’t be afraid to succeed. Golf is a sport that is often set up for failure. However, set realistic goals for yourself that will keep your interest in the game.

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