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IO Scout vs Helium 10 Comparison

written on 2020/08/26 08:24

Amazon is one of the fastest growing online selling platforms because it offers an open market with millions of customers worldwide and countless possibilities. Aldo Amazon represents an attractive market for sellers, the competition is pretty fierce, and it isn't quite easy to be successful.

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Fundamental Financial Metrics and KPIs You Need to Be Tracking

written on 2020/03/20 06:41

The finance department is one of the most crucial parts of any business. After all, this is the department that is responsible for making sure that the company’s finances are in order. It mainly focuses on making sure that money is allocated and distributed to the appropriate business

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Best KPI Dashboard Tools

written on 2020/03/18 09:11

For small businesses, performance tracking could be an uphill task because it is easy to get immersed in the daily bustle and forget about the big picture. Studies indicate that close to 50% of small and medium scale enterprises fail to identify their KPIs; therefore, tracking becomes

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Implementing KPI - Step by Step Guide

written on 2020/03/19 04:33

A key performance indicator (KPI) is measures value and demonstrates how effectively a business is working towards achieving key business objectives. It is used at various levels by organizations and shows the reaching of every target. High-level key performance indicators may focus on a

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Content Analytics- An Ultimate Guide

written on 2020/03/19 06:19

Whether you are an entrepreneur who has just launched a start-up or an experienced owner of a medium or big enterprise, promoting or marketing of goods and services online through top-notch content is an important element for success. The logic behind this quite straightforward; we now

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Top Content Marketing KPIs To Measure

written on 2020/03/18 10:08

In its simplest meaning, content marketing is a bunch of materials filled with text and images for the purpose of advertising. Infographics, videos, white papers, blog posts, and podcasts are all part of content marketing. This marketing strategy is a long-term plan for growing a loyal

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The Most Important Digital Marketing KPIs

written on 2020/03/17 10:30

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aids businesses to model the big picture and also measure the effectiveness of their strategies, coming up with key adjustments to improve productivity and conversion. Digital marketing KPIs evaluation is among the core duties of any marketing department.

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All About Key Performance Indicators

written on 2020/03/18 07:25

Growth in an individual, organization, or any process is vital and cannot be overemphasized. As such, the measurement and evaluation of goals, as well as the tools employed in measuring them, are equally very important. KPI is one of those tools. KPI is simply a measurable value that shows how well a company or organization is achieving its set business objectives. Generally, KPIs are used to show much success a company has been achieving in terms of reaching its targets. This tool seems to have all you need to grow your business, and we believe you want to know all about it, so what is KPI?

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The Most Important KPIs For Social Media

written on 2020/03/18 12:03

The importance of your activeness on social media can’t be overemphasized. It is an excellent way of building personal relationships as well as customer’s relationships with your target audience. Our modern world enjoys carrying out their activities online, most especially their businesses. So, it is no new thing that most people establish themselves using social media platforms.

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A Detailed Guide To Real time Analytics

written on 2020/03/17 08:58

Are you an owner of an informative online forum or do you run a blog? Maybe you have an E-commerce platform where you are offing different kinds of goods? No matter which type of forum you own, the biggest priority of any owner is to increase the traffic on their domain and improve the amount

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