Chartbeat Review, It is Fit for your Business in 2022?

In this article, we will talk about the Chartbeat review in 2022. Is this tool is perfect for your business or not. And are there any Chartbeat alternatives to use?

Whether you run a blog about traveling where you give readers useful tips and info about traveling to different countries of the world through different articles or you own an informative online forum where you have tons of articles about different topics, you surely devote a lot of time and money in maintaining your blog or forum. Don’t you?

Managing a blog or any online forum is not as easy of a task as it seems. To maintain your online presence, you have to regularly update your stuff by adding new material to it.

This sure isn’t an easy task and requires a lot of time which is why most blog owners try so hard to figure out how their posts are performing and whether they are worth their time and investment or not.

First of all, you have to write articles on a regular basis which takes a reasonable amount of effort and of course energy or if you hire someone for writing them on your behalf, you have to pay them. Secondly, your posts must be enhanced to make your webpage appear higher on the largest and most powerful engine known as Google.

Since there are numerous same types of forums covering similar niches and topics, it becomes quite difficult to rank your web pages better and you have to follow detailed SEO practices.

However, even after all this, the no. of consumers who convert is usually low for most of the forums. This means only a few of all the readers on your webpage will aid you to realize your end goal.

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The logic behind this fact is that when your webpage is fully optimized it only helps you get a better ranking on the queries of people which means it will make your webpage visible to the readers so they can visit it.

To get the consumers to act and improve your income, one must focus on different aspects. These include being aware of who your readers or consumers are, what they desire and how did they land on your webpage, etc.

When you know these aspects it becomes simple for you to shape your webpage in a way that is relates to them the most. This, in turn, will help you boost the no. of readers on your forum.

If you wish to learn how consumers or readers connect with your blog, you should consider two important factors named reader interface and reader experience. When these two elements are improved, you can easily achieve your end objectives.

Now, the question here is what are you required to do to determine these aspects? Worry not, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours on it by researching everything manually because there are many tools at your disposal known as web analytics tools.

In today’s competitive world, this tool is a necessity for online forum owners as it lets them keep tabs on the effectiveness of their web pages so that they can change their strategies accordingly.

Basically, these tools help you know who your readers are exactly, how did the people on your webpage actually find it, the source they come from, what is the most attractive aspects of you webpages that results in more readers, etc.

One such tool is Chartbeat. It is a very powerful and reliable tool and many big names such as CNN, the New York times, etc. have been utilizing it to their benefit.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss what this tool is, what it is capable of doing and how it can be utilized to its full potential. So, if you want to know how this tool actually helps big media companies, keep reading the article.

What is Chartbeat?

Chartbeat is a highly efficient and effective analytics tool that helps media companies especially the medium and large ones to enhance their online presence and gain loyal customers.

It gives its users real-time as well as historic data to help them make informed and accurate decisions. It will tell exactly which aspects of your platform are performing well and keeping the readers on it.

The tool basically lets you create material to keep the readers on your webpage for a long time.

The tool has helped more than 60,000 companies in understanding their reader, measuring their effectiveness, and enhancing their webpage. It offers 3 main features named dashboards, reporting, and optimization.

The dashboard will bring you real-time info to help you analyze the patterns and behaviors of your readers about the way they interact with your webpages at the current moment to allow you to shape your webpage according to the trends of your readers.

You can also shift your app data to the dashboard to what attracts your readers and what they engage the most with.

Moreover, subscribers can also see historical details to examine trends and evaluate efficiency over a period. The video dashboard will help you learn how the elements in videos grab the attention of viewers so that you can shape it in the best possible way.

The dashboard feature also lets you evaluate the details of different webpages in one dashboard so that you have all the info in one place and track them simultaneously.

The excellent feature lets you create punchy and captivating headings for your posts and blogs which instantly grabs the attention of people and tempts them to read the full post hence allowing you to keep them engaged on your webpage for a longer time.

Through this tool, you can run tests on your heading and write them in the best possible way.

This feature also lets you decide which landing webpage of your is your best performer that the readers are viewing the most, how much do your readers scroll down on your webpage, and how the views of your posts are going up and down.

The reporting feature sends your daily reports through email which consists of useful info that can help you operate more effectively. The reports can also be shared through emails and lets you manage your subscriptions.

The tool also offers Android and iOS apps so that you can access data instantly no matter where you are and enhance your effectiveness. The Big Board feature helps you present data at a big screen so that you can have a look at it with your entire team on projectors etc.

With the slack integration feature, the tool will automatically alert you when there are opportunities so that you can focus on other important tasks. Chartbeat also offers consulting services through which you can ask their team of highly professional experts to assist you in discovering what aspects of your forum you should work on to be the leader.

The ping chartbeat net on the browser tab indicates that the tool is running real-time on that webpage.

1. Pricing

When it comes to Chartbeat price you have different options to choose from. The pricing plans start from $7000 per month. However, the price varies based on the number of people on your forum and the degree of engagement of the consumers or readers.

The tool also offers a free trial that can be availed by directly contacting their team. You don’t need to provide any credit card information for the free trial.

2. Features

The tool comes with different types of features that can aid you in learning how your web pages are working, in a better way. Below we have discussed these features in detail.

  • Dashboard
  • Optimization
  • Reports

1. Dashboard

Chartbeat reviews in dashboard

Before you utilize this feature, you must first determine why you are using an analytics tool. You should be clear about what outcome and objectives you want from your online forum.

Doing this will assist you in utilizing the tool to its full potential because you can set the tool up to present you with the info which helps you achieve your objectives and goals.

Let us say, you have a business that requires you to generate as many leads as possible via your online forum.

To achieve this target, you have to utilize the tool in a way that you don’t only monitor the total amount of people on your webpage but also have to keep tabs on the number of subscription forms you are receiving.

Through this feature, you can examine key parameters that can assist you to enhance your webpage and engage your readers.

The dashboard will bring you real-time stats as the activity is happening on your webpage at the moment so that you are aware of how readers on your webpage are behaving on it. This way you would have the chance to pick the trends and shape your web pages accordingly to enhance your efficiency. Subscribers can also view these details on the app for smartphones.

The tool also offers you plenty of filters so that you can quickly get the details that best meet your specifications. If you wish to learn about the source from which the majority of the readers are coming on your webpage, you can apply the source filter.

Another important filter is gadget type which tells you which device your consumers use to land your webpage. Let us say that most of them use smartphones when they land on your webpage. This way you can design it in a way that it works properly on a smartphone. Other filters such as location and authors etc. are also available.

You can also analyze the frequency of readers and the no. of subscribers and their status. An important point to consider while analyzing the frequency is that you must filter out the readers from the IPs of your office because your employees will also need to visit the forum many times a day for different purposes and you wouldn’t want to include these activities while examining the data.

The tool also offers offsite tracking and can be integrated with Facebook instant articles. The app traffic can also be synced with the real-time dashboard to get useful insights into what attracts your consumers and which posts of landing pages they are interacting most with.

It will instantly show you the size of your readers and lets you discover the elements the app users like the most.

Moreover, you can also conduct a comparison of web and app readers through loyalty metrics. This function allows subscribers to make plans and strategies that are perfect for app users.

Furthermore, you can also utilize the alerts and notifications in a better way by understanding how they attract the readers.

The next function within the board is the historical board which helps subscribers to evaluate the efficiency of their webpages. The tool will show you KPIs, which are essentially the parameters for Performance, and reflects how your online forum is performing on the basis of the degree to which it is helping you in accomplishing your objectives.

A key thing to be aware of here is that you must first clearly define your aim and goals such as more views or amount of subscribers etc. before you utilize the KPIs. The KPIs include conversion rate which as the name suggests shows the number of people that landed on your webpage who actually converted.

Many other important KPIs are also presented such as Total Engaged Minutes and Average Engaged Time which lets you determine if the people on your webpage actually stay or do they leave it after a few minutes after they landed.

This info can assist you to determine whether your webpage needs to be updated to make the readers stay or is it already good enough to keep the readers engaged. You can also apply filters like authors and sections etc. on the historical details.

Another great feature offered within this feature is the video dashboard with the assistance of which you can grasp how your video is grabbing the attention of viewers. You will get to know the no. of people who are viewing your online video or videos currently which will help you determine how it is doing so that you can act accordingly.

You can also analyze videos on each page individually. You can also utilize this feature to see your web pages that have the most readers and embed a video on that webpage to get the maximum no. of views and increase consumers’ engagement.

Moreover, the feature also lets you analyze the duration for which your videos were watched which will help you in evaluating how the viewers are connecting with it. With the Multi-Site View, subscribers can also monitor more than one forum through the dashboard.

2. Optimization

Chartbeat Optimization

The optimization feature is very important and useful for improving your webpage material. This feature lets you determine which of your blogs or posts are getting the most recognition from the readers.

When you have successfully discovered your top performers, you should first examine them to learn what on the webpage is attracting people so that you can use a similar strategy for the other web pages to optimize them completely and get on top.

Furthermore, when you know which webpage is getting the most readers, you should focus on it and update it regularly with the appropriate info so that it keeps grabbing the reader’s attention.

With the optimization function, you can also examine how the no. of views are going up or down for different web pages.

Not to mention, it also tells you how much people scroll down on a specific webpage. This will aid you in learning how do they interact with your webpage.

You can also learn which webpage your consumers go to after landing on your forum with the assistance of this tool.

This is very useful info through which can be used to achieve the final goal. How? Let us say, the webpage visited by your consumers is the pricing packages page. You can infer from this that the first thing your consumers consider while purchasing your goods or service is its price.

Using this info, you can offer a money-back guarantee on packages to get them to take action.

Moreover, through this feature, you can test your headlines to see if they are catchy enough to get the attention of readers or you need to enhance them to make them more attractive. The results of headlines tests can be exported to excel so that you can analyze them later and in more detail.

3. Reports

Chartbeat report

With this feature, you can get daily reports which consist of useful info for evaluating your web pages. This way you can determine trends and make a strategy accordingly. The reports are generated automatically and can be integrated with the historical dashboard to get more useful details.

Users are also given the option to customize their reports to conduct a more detailed analysis. The information on the reports is taken directly from the heartbeat com tools such as historical dashboard etc. You can also send the reports through emails and download the excel sheet to conduct other analyses.

Chartbeat Alternatives

When you are deciding to purchase a subscription plan of this tool, it is wise to know its alternatives and what they offer.

1. Mixpanel


This smart app lets you examine the efficiency of your apps and web forum. It is a user-friendly tool and doesn’t consist of any dashboards or charts but offers enough features to examine the behaviors and interactions of your readers on your webpage. The tool offers different pricing plans including a free one.

2. Clicky

Clicky is a very powerful analytics tool that is packed with several features. Along with the detailed historical info, the tool also presents real-time details so that you can examine your forum’s effectiveness and keep tabs on your progress.

This gives you the opportunity to learn how people have interacted with your webpage in the past and also how they are actually engaging with it at the current moment. The tool marks an activity as engaged if the consumer has spent 30 or more seconds on our webpage.

However, it doesn’t add such consumers while determining bounce rate. To utilize the tool, you can pick from 5 pricing plans which also include a free one.

3. Kissmetrics


This tool lets you examine how your consumers behave on your webpage before they convert. For instance, let us say you offer a demo for, the tool will inform you how long they take to buy a full paid version as well as how they interacted with your webpage before they decided to purchase it.

It lets you examine your webpage’s efficiency with ease and gives you historical as well as real-time info on how people engage with your webpage.

The tool features an attractive and easy-to-learn interface. You should request the demo before deciding to purchase the full edition.

4. StatCounter


It is another strong tool that gives you the info on people’s interaction on your webpage just when it is happening.

It also lets the subscribers track down the IP addresses of every reader individually to aid you in learning how they are acting on your webpage. This tool makes it quick and convenient to examine the events triggered by your readers.

It consists of several packages; one of them can be used without any cost while for other packages you have to pay a fee which varies based on the no. of webpage views they let you examine.

Final Thoughts

Chartbeat is a very efficient web analytics tool that lets you keep tabs on the activities of your readers to enable you to evaluate the efficiency of your webpage.

It has 3 main features; dashboard, optimization, and reports. With the tool, subscribers can not only examine the historical infor but the real-time details as well. Moreover, it also lets you examine how your video performs based on how people connect with it.

The optimization tool gives you key information on which web pages of yours are your top performers. You can examine these web pages to learn what is attracting the readers and shape the rest of your posts accordingly.

It also lets you test your headlines and shape them in a way that it grabs readers’ attention. Finally, the reports tool lets you receive auto-generated reports containing useful details on your webpage’s performance.


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