AT Internet Review: The Pros, Cons, and Best Alternatives in 2022

It is of paramount importance to have an understanding of how a visitor is interacting on your website. Valuable insights can be obtained into the behavior pattern of the visitors, which can be meaningfully interpreted for organizations to prepare a suitable strategy and devise action plans to ensure sustainable growth of business for the organizations.

AT Internet helps you in doing all this and more. Here is a brief review of AT Internet.

What is an AT Internet Analytics Solution?

What is an AT Internet Analytics Solution?

AT Internet’s foundation was done by Mr. Alain Llorens in France, about a quarter of a century ago from today. Starting in the field of web development, it graduated into a web analytical services company.

Foraying into the web analytical services was the result of the visionary outlook of its founder. At the beginning of the 21st century, the company launched the highly acclaimed analytical solution, XTi, which was based on SaaS integration technology.

This was a very successful rollout since within the coming years it ended up dominating the French market, counting the largest corporate houses and businesses in its happy customer base.

By 2007, AT Internet, having established itself as a market leader in its domain, set its sight on the international market. It started by opening up offices across Europe, targeting the European market.

It now has a presence in over 30 nations in terms of clients as well as business associates and has a physical office presence in 4 nations besides its French base, viz., Singapore, Germany, Brazil & United Kingdom.

Over the years, the company continued to attract investors to help fund its research and growth, all the while of the majority status still being held by the founder.

The next milestone in the company’s journey arrived in 2011 when an autonomous report published by Forrester Research ranked AT Internet as the best in terms of customer services and placed it among the best web analytic solution companies.

Three years later, Forrester Research again acknowledged AT Internet’s European leadership status and ranked it as the only player with origin in Europe among the top 4 global players in the digital analytics market. A year later, the company rolled out its upgraded solution – The Analytics Suite. The company celebrated its 20th anniversary a year later and shifted its global HQ to Bordeaux-Mérignac.

The following year marked another significant milestone for the company – it was again accorded a market leader status by Forrester Research and it also launched the Analytics Suite 2.0. These past 3 years have seen the company focus on data management and foray into the area of e-commerce.

The Analytics Suite currently operates on tens of thousands of websites and mobile apps globally. The company’s offerings are aimed at empowering its users to have valuable insights into the interactions their prospective customers are having with their websites and mobile platforms, through the use of highly trustable digital analytical insights, so that they can use this data to strategize suitably to sustainably grow their business.

AT Internet Key Points

AT Internet’s analytical solutions are preferred by its customers mainly because of its following strength areas:

  •  Dependable data

 The most important for analytical programs is the trustworthiness of the data that is being fed as input. The Analytics Suite from AT Internet enables this by coming up with a tool that provides authenticated tags and smooth quality checks resulting in genuine data collection.

AT Analytic has built-in processes and programs that comply with the various privacy rules and that have been verified by an independent auditor.

  • Skillful support at every turn

 It is not just the analytical software solution that is enough for AT Internet. They also have built a team of specialists, who is always ready to guide you. Their only goal is to build an excellent relationship with you and support you to achieve new heights of success.

AT Internet Key Features

The key features of the Analytics Suite launched by AT Internet are enlisted below:

  • Deep understanding, observations, and main performance metrics

You can examine the key result metrics and then study their reports. You will be able to have a holistic assessment of these parameters and arrive at an optimal and informed conclusion faster.

The product has in its offering many pre-set analytical formats that can help analyze the key result metrics. How effective an advertisement or a marketing drive has been? How is your content utilized? Do you have the data that shows how much traffic you have acquired and how much you have converted? This feature provides answers to all of these questions. 

  • Lucid data examination

This feature enables you to the merge of multiple data and extracts them smoothly without the need for any codes.

Utilize actionable and clear data to improve your decision-making and boost your business. You will find it effortless to export the dataset through an API without code or deliver them on an FTP server for further perusal.

  •  Complete access to the data

All the unique analysis data can be shared and results can be monitored live. Every user can be sent reports, to which a comment can be added to explain the relevance. Each customized result parameter’s growth curve can be shared with your team. Any significant movement in the key metrics is always captured.

  • Workable data

This feature of the software helps you in analyzing the entire traffic on your website. The analysis is quick and effective, thereby saving a lot of time. Features like website tags, tagging compliance and modifications, ad barrier workarounds, and detecting anomalies enable the software to perform these functions easily.

You will have a devoted program at your disposal, that helps is checking all the missed tags with an automated webpage vetting technique, so that all the data are being captured correctly.

  • Scalable design

The product offers the flexibility to manipulate data, handling more than 2,000 billion events every year. It is compliant with GDPR. Customized processing time on the cloud can be achieved in under 5 minutes. You can use it to learn the behavioral aspects of any unique visitor’s journey from beginning to end.

  • Technology partnerships

The product offers the user flexibility for enrichment and activation of the analytical data with the technical prowess of the partnerships (YouTube, Twitter, Qlik, Facebook, etc.) forged by the company. This helps in leveraging the complementing benefits of the various services used by you daily to make your finding more efficient.

Use Cases

We will now have a look at 3 use cases of this product, across 3 different industrial segments.

1. RTE (A media production house with an employee base of less than 5000)

The company used the services of AT Internet to analyze the organization-wide performance of its digital product portfolio including audio players, video players, and articles. The Analytic Suite is most prominently used by their digital team.

This online team working on digital content, is provided with real-time analysis and key result area data, which helps in mapping the performance of their content in terms of how it is consumed every day, week, and month. 

What they liked

  •   In-depth data about how the content performed, which is easy to verify using the dashboard. 
  • Quick reports and real-time performance of the software.

What could have been better

  •  More information about their asset.
  • More information about video and audio media content consumed by visitors.

2. BASF Business Services GmbH (A company into chemical business, with an employee base of more than 10000)

The company has its business spread around the world and divided into many business verticals. The company uses the digital channel to connect with its customers and the Analytics Suite helped them to evaluate the effectiveness of these digital channels. They feel that their employees are making better decisions after being equipped with the multiple data analytical solutions provided by AT Internet.

What they liked

  •  An easy-to-use and friendlier user interface.
  • Detailed data investigation technology.

What could have been better

  •   Models used for data analysis.
  •  The process involves tags configuration.

3. Schneider Electric (An electrical & electronics manufacturing company, with more than 10000 employees)

The company used the Analytics Suite in addition to another website analytical tool named Birst. Deployed across the entire company, the Analytics Suite is mostly used by their DCX department whose primary role is handling the digital experiences of their customers. They use this program mainly to analyze customer interactions like which webpages they visited mostly, number of clicks, etc.

What they liked

  •  Xtag widget is very helpful, specifically when a job related to any particular analytics needs to be sped up.
  •  Compilation and organization of high volumes of data. 

What could have been better

  •   A more lucid and accurate description of the section and title inside the analytical tool required during data generation. 
  •  It can be made easier for beginners.


The company offers two different subscription plans:

  • Business

 In this plan, the subscription starts from 355 Euros per month. It comes with a month of free trial. Major features covered are quick and simple tags, detailed dashboard and report, real-time analytical solutions, GDPR compliances, unlimited user numbers, e-commerce analytics, among many others.

  •  Premium

In this plan, you have to contact AT Analytics to know the customized prices. In this plan, all the benefits available in the Business plan are also covered. Besides, features are available dedicated technical experts and consultants, cross-device and cross-site checks, advance navigation, etc.

Alternative of AT Internet

Alternative of AT Internet

Let us now take you through some alternate analytical tools available in the market.

1. IO Technologies

The tool by IO Technologies is another great alternative to AT Internet. It provides accurate website analytical data on a near real-time basis while also providing trend analysis support based on historical data.

It supports content optimization using A/B tests and delivers provides insights into the performances of your content.

What’s more, it allows you to access key social performance parameters across multiple pages in a single dashboard.


  •  After-sales support is very useful and available via live chats, emails, and tutorials.
  • Dashboards are easy to understand and can be used by different teams in your organization. 
  • Historical data and current captured data comparisons give insights into valuable trends. 


  • Only a free trial is provided, the free version is not made available.
  •  No support for mobile apps.

2. Clicky

It can provide real-time data like the total count of website visitors, details of every visitor like their locations, or system details they are using.

A small widget is displayed at the bottom-end right of the webpage you have been tracking, and clicking this widget provides information like current active visitors, their domain, source, and top search.

Its heatmap feature is very empowering, and its purpose is to highlight the specific area on a page that has been visited the most. The data is provided in real-time using color-coded visuals. 

It monitors the live status of your site and intimates you in case your site goes down.

It helps in monitoring the performance of your media content as well as your presence on social media.


  • Lucid user interface.
  • Very fast reporting, in near real-time.
  • App version for mobile usage, which supports Android, iOS, and Windows.


  • Occasional speed issue faced by users.
  • Exporting limitation on files. 

3. Matomo

It maps the visitor journey and displays data on visitor profiles and behavior.

The tool has a data-rich dashboard that uses visuals and widgets for displaying data and key result areas. It provides customizable reporting and viewing of data.

It maps the behavior of the visitors and their interactions on the site.

It has the tracking capability for marketing campaigns and reporting on key performance metrics.


  •  The customization feature enables users to see the data the way they want. 
  • Dashboard support enables the monitoring of multiple websites.
  •  Open-source availability.
  •  Real-time customer mapping.


  •  Slow in handling bulk data.
  •   Handling the raw stored in its database including migration issues. 
  •  User interface and navigating features can be improved

4. Google Analytics

It reports traffic your website receives, tracks the number of visitors, and provides trend analysis.

The tool supports tracking the goals converted and provides information like when the goal was completed, which was the referral source and an overall analysis of the goal from set-up to completion.It provides reports on the keywords which direct your prospective customers to your website.

It provides information on the external sources that helped direct traffic to your website. Google Analytics provides customization features on its dashboard, enabling you to incorporate additional features in your reports.


  •  Very effective in capturing traffic-related data, the quality of the data captured is also very good.
  •  Most users find the goal creation, management, and completion analysis features very useful.
  •   It can handle bulk data efficiently.
  • Pre-set report formats make it easier for users to analyze their data in a useful way.
  • Easier integration process with external platforms like Facebook or Google Ads.


  •  Users find the multiple functionalities and user interface a bit overwhelming at times.
  • Upgradation cost from the free version to the premium version is very steep.
  • The freshness of real-time reporting can be further improved.
  •  After-sales services can be improved.

5. Statcounter

It has the tracking abilities to check how the key pre-set parameters have performed over time by comparison of pageview, session, visitor and new visitor for any specified duration. 

The tool provides visitor trend analysis so that corrective actions can be taken if any undesirable movement occurs. 

It can track paid advertisement output. It can detect fraud by identifying fake click farm usage. It can track any returning visitor and intimates its user so that no important visitor activity is missed.


  •  Real-time and in-depth data provided on visitors.
  • Users find the software set-up and installation easy.
  • Users rate their customer engagement as very good.
  •  Visitor IP address tracking; fraud detection in terms of fake clicks generated.


  •  Visual representation of the data can be improved.
  •  All data captured is not made available for download and is stored for 2 weeks in the free version.
  • The user interface can be improved.

6. Yandex 

Yandex can generate progressive reports that include heat mapping and replayed sessions. It provides customizable reports and dashboards based on attribution models. 

The tool supports spam filtering; bot visits restrictions and adblocker usage analysis.


  • Raw data is provided which can be used your own desired way of analysis.
  •  Clear and easy user interface.
  •  Free version available.


  • Multi-lingual support, not present – only English, Russian or Turkish support.
  •  Some report downloads can be difficult to find.

7. Mixpanel

Mixpanel has reporting features that make it easy for monitoring the key performance indicators and obtain deep insights on visitor behavior.

It employs data science models to provide a correlation between performance and visitor behaviors. It provides support in terms of improving visitor engagement and content modification to attract users.


  • The program is reliable and scalable.
  • Data quality and ethics are maintained.
  •  Useful mobile app support.
  • Good feedback on query handling.
  •  Visual representation of data is very engaging.


  •  It works based on the pre-set objective. Integration of an event later on and tracking of the same is cumbersome.
  • Processing time tends to be slower in the case of bulk data.
  •  The paid plan is costly.
  •   The user interface can be improved.


It has many distinct metrics that support businesses to obtain insights into reader interactions like how much engagement they find the content, how and when they get converted and what is needed to retain them.

Instant near real-time insight is provided into the website readers along with a comparison with historical data. 

It provides support for platform customization using which content experience can be upgraded and made effective. 

It provides a robust database infrastructure so that its customers can focus on using the data to derive analytical insights and make strategies to grow their businesses.


  •  Live traffic tracker facilities.
  •  The user interface feels natural and easy to use.
  • Time spent by readers and sources of their recommendations is accurately tracked.
  •  Easy access and comparison with historical data.


  • Occasional system crashes.
  •   Data handling capability is lesser compared to competitors like Google Analytics.
  •  A/B test facility not available.

8. Chartbeat

Aimed at online publishing businesses, it provides useful data that shows how users engage with the content. 

It has the tracking ability in terms of the time spent by users on the site, which sections they use most, user converted data, user locations, and user referred sources. It does it by pinging every few seconds, so actionable insights are a reliable source for layout improvements.

Its insights are based on content consumption and not on the click quantum. It provides robust information on user engagement and a loyal audience base.

It provides information on what attracts the readers most so that the marketing team can strategize suitable action plans. 


  • A/B test feature available.
  • Dashboards updated on a near real-time basis.
  • Accurate identification of traffic sourcing points and locations.
  •  Accurate identification of live unique individual visitors.


  •  More focus on historical data comparisons required.
  •  The level of details captured needs improvement.
  •  Trend analytical features need improvement.
  •  Event tracker facilities need to be upgraded.


The analytics of users is an important parameter in devising actionable strategies. There are multiple analytical products available in the market, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose what is best for you, depending on your business volume, target customer segment, and budget.

If you are a small or medium business with aggressive growth plans or a large enterprise, you will need a strong focus on understanding the key customer metrics to achieve the business volume you desire. If you belong to this category, AT Internet can turn out to be a very fitting choice for you.

Repeatedly ranked as one of the best analytical solutions around, it provides extensive features that provide concrete insights into how your prospective customers behave and all of that on a real-time basis so that you can take quick and effective decisions to drive your business to new heights.


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