Crucial Retail Metrics and KPI Examples for a Retail Enterprise

written on 2020/03/16 02:07

When you own a small retail business, you may feel that it is early to pay attention to specific pieces of information. One thing you need to know is that your competition has not hesitated in tracking its performances, making use of the data and improving its business process. No matter the newness of your business, knowing how your business is performing both theoretically and practically is imperative. KPI in retail can allow you to achieve that as below.

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Choose the Best Content Analytics Tool for your Business:, Chartbeat, Google Analytics & 360 Reviewed

written on 2020/03/15 07:15

For any successful digital marketing campaign, delivering valuable content that your intended audience wants to receive, when they want to receive it, is very possible now, thanks to sophisticated content analytic software. There are a bewildering amount of content marketing return on

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The Ultimate Starter Kit for Google Analytics

written on 2020/03/15 03:28

Having the knowledge and power of knowing how your users on your website engage with your content is key to online success. And one of the best ways to get this knowledge and power is to install Google Analytics within your WordPress platform. Probably the most widely-used free data

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Human Resource Key performance management (HR KPI)

written on 2020/03/16 07:56

The organization's KPI is the spine of all performance tracking and performance management, it offers the organization an opportunity to control and manage their performance. When we talk of performance as a whole, we look at the departmental or unit combine process that contributes to the overall performance.

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All you have to understand about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

written on 2020/03/10 03:43

It is important to understand what Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) is. It is one of those topics that has been so widely written about and discussed in management circles that most people think, “they have it covered”. Like most familiar things, this familiarity can breed contempt – and result in critical errors when it comes to KPIs implementation.

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