Personal OKR Examples and Best Tips for Make it

In this article, we will discuss personal OKR examples. If usually OKR is only applied to business and corporate environments, it turns out that OKR can also be used to develop one’s potential.

Not only giving examples, but KPI Box has also prepared a variety of tips that can be followed when you want to write OKR.

Come on, see more!

What is OKR?

Before going into the example, I would like to briefly explain the meaning of OKR first.

These objectives and key results are a kind of framework for setting goals to be achieved by the company, determining strategies, and assessing work performance.

According to Perdoo, the objectives in OKR tell what you want to achieve and the key results are derivatives, in the form of results that must be achieved to get to the objectives that have been determined at the beginning.

With this framework, the company and its employees have a clear picture of the numbers to be achieved and what should be the priorities.

So far you understand, right?

OKR Example

From the OKR example below, KPI Box will explain sequentially, starting from the company’s OKR, going down to one division, then to personal OKR examples.

Company OKR Example


Increase company revenue

Key Results

  • earn 10 billion per year
  • opened 3 new branches in Indonesia, with revenue of 2 billion in a year
  • increase gross profit margin from 45% to 60%
  • reduce production error from 30% to 15%

From the company’s OKR, it will be passed down to each division related to this goal. The following is an example, for the sales division.

Sample OKR Sales Division


increase revenue to 6 billion per year

Key Results

  • get revenue of 500 million per month
  • increase the number of calls to 5000 per salesperson (per year)
  • reduce churn rate to less than 5% per month

The next example is from the marketing division, which is still a derivative of the company’s objectives at the beginning.

Example of OKR Marketing Division


optimization of the marketing funnel, in order to get more MQL (marketing qualified leads)

Key Results

  • increase the signup rate of email marketing to 45%
  • optimization of 2 inbound campaigns
  • reduce the unsubscribe rate of email marketing to 2%

Personal OKR Example

The use of OKR can be done in the context of individuals who want to set a new target or achievement.

In this case, we give an example of an individual who is a salesperson. Which are sales should reach the sales target for an individual.


Each salesman can achieve the sales target

Key Results

  • Get new potential client
  • Joining in bidding/tender process
  • Winning the tender held by customers
  • Achieving salesperson target.

Tips for Making OKR

tips making OKR

From the OKR example above, it can be concluded that there are two focuses when creating it, namely objectives and key results.

To achieve the objective, clear key results are needed. On the other hand, key results need an objective so that the scope doesn’t go anywhere.

In other words, OKR is a kind of complete package of the company’s vision and mission and how to achieve it.

According to UpRaise, several things should be considered when writing objectives in OKR:

  • Objectives must be in line with company goals and strategies.
  • Are the stated objectives really that important?
  • As much as possible, choose inspiring objectives so that members are enthusiastic about achieving them.

When it comes to key results, here are the considerations:

  • Make sure the key results use the SMART concept (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, time-bound).
  • Key results must be activities/objectives that help achieve an objective.
  • Key results must be indicators that can be calculated.
  • Make sure the key results are not just activities, but goals to be achieved.

Hopefully, after seeing the OKR examples and tips for writing them, you have a better idea of the OKR you want to create for your company, OK?

If you just want to make a project, OKR is still quite effective to use, really.


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