10 Most Important Things in Content Analytics [Step by Step Guide]

Content analytics is important!! Whether you are an entrepreneur who has just launched a start-up or an experienced owner of a medium or big enterprise, promoting or marketing goods and services online through top-notch content is an important element for success.

The logic behind this is quite straightforward; we now live in the world of the internet. Since billions of people from all around the globe use the internet on an everyday basis when you promote your goods there, you get to reach more people which means an increased no. of units sold.

That is why almost every business whether small or big has web pages and social network profiles where they advertise their services and goods to attract more consumers. 

However, since the same types of goods and services are offered by so many companies, the competition has skyrocketed and this also implies that consumers now have too many options to choose from.

This has made it more difficult to increase sales. But, internet marketing brings you the opportunity to boost your profits and income. Say, you operate independently to sell different types of goods, you can promote them on the internet to get them visible to more shoppers.

Simply put, it helps you in advertising your goods in a better way to a larger purchaser’s base. So, why is content marketing important? Because the ultimate aim of any business owner or entrepreneur is to generate high incomes and revenues which is made possible via sales.

The more the units sold, the better will be your income. And marketing this way aids you in selling more units. Many experts have suggested that most businesses would cease to exist even if they stop focusing on marketing.

Furthermore, it assists you in presenting your goods/services in a more compelling way to the purchasers. You can make use of solid content to tell shoppers what your goods/services offer, the characteristics they possess, how can they be beneficial to them, and how they work.

Not only will this make the audience trust your goods but it will also convince them to make the purchase. It also plays a key role in building a loyal shoppers base.

If you closely analyze the leaders in your industry or successful business who are doing extremely well, you will find that they excel in online marketing.

Of course, this is not the only factor that makes them successful but it definitely is among many factors contributing to their success.

More entrepreneurs and businesses are now realizing its importance as they know ignoring even one element can seriously dent their effectiveness.

However, it is not as easy as just putting loads of content related to your business and goods on your web forum.

To form the right advertising strategies, you are required to carry out research which involves gathering details such as who your purchasers, what they desire, what are the trends and patterns in their interactions and purchasing behaviors, and the source is they come from, their location, etc.

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With these details, you can take the required actions instantly and enhance your effectiveness. Furthermore, it also helps you predict how are your goods/services going to perform in terms of the units sold. Not only that, but when you conduct this research you will also get an idea of the way your competitors operate.

However, you can’t just target any random shopper because this will not only result in wasted effort but time and energy as well.

So you must first identify correctly who your target shoppers will be so that you can make the best strategies accordingly. To do this, you can take into account factors such as their location, age, loyalty, gender, etc. 

Other key elements that you need to focus on to improve your content marketing strategies and enhance your effectiveness include knowing which webpages of yours do the shoppers visit the most, how much time do they spend on your platform, which is your top-performing content, and how does it impact your no. of units sold and overall effectiveness.

Now, how are these factors so important for improving performance? When you know which element is performing the best, you can examine it thoroughly to learn what makes them the best and use the same strategy for the other web pages.

Even though you are free to choose the kind of content you want to add to your web pages, you must ensure that they clearly reflect what you offer. Another key factor in terms of content is that you must update it regularly.

Now, the reason behind this is simple; people are always looking for the latest info so they will only be attracted by your content if it offers them what they desire.

If any of these aspects are ignored, it can result in fewer sales and fewer profits. Let us say you’re selling an amazing item that is just what the shoppers are looking for but you can’t adequately advertise them by using appealing text, you won’t be able to persuade people to buy them.

If you wish to know if all of these efforts are worth it or not, you must keep an eye on your effectiveness and no. of items sold.

Now, gathering all these details such as the number of people on your web page, the times your webpage has been viewed, etc. is known as content analytics.

By now you have a clear understanding of how important it is to determine these factors but the question here is how can these be determined. Well, there are many tools available for this purpose that gives you fast and accurate results and makes all of this easy for you.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss some of the most important parameters that you must keep tabs on, how they can benefit you, the different tools available and the features they offer such as content drilldown google analytics and google analytics content experiment, etc.

Metrics of Content Analytics

The matric of content analytics

Below are some of the metrics that matter the most and you must keep an eye on them.

1. New and returning visitors

It tells you how many people on your webpage are new as well as how many of them are repeated. If you have increased no. of new readers, it means your webpage is now visible to more people.

2. Duration

It tells you the time that people are spending on your webpage. If you leave it quickly, it means they don’t find your webpage attractive, and now need to devise new strategies while if they are on it for longer periods they have an increased level of engagement.

3. Views And Subscribers

It shows you how many people viewed your page while subscribers reflect how many people have subscribed to get updates and the latest posts via email. It will help you understand how popular your content is.

4. Rate of Conversions

It shows how many people convert meaning the no. of people that take the action on your platform which leads to your end goal. It aids you in examining the effectiveness of your webpage.

5. Mentions

It represents the no. of mentions you are getting on social networks.

6. Social

It gives you the exact numbers for which your posts have been shared. More shares means, it is liked by more people. Some tool also tells you the amount of time a post on your social network is shared. Moreover, with some tools, you can also get to see the no. of comments and likes, etc.

7. Location and Source

It gives you the no. of readers you are getting from a specific region as well as the source they are coming from such as referral links, ads. search engines like Bing or Google etc. This info helps you in focusing on sources you are getting the most readers from.

8. Device

This shows you the gadgets your readers are using to come to your webpage. You can use this info to make your webpage compatible with the gadget most used by your readers.

9. Bounce Rate

It is a rate that shows you the no. of people who left your forum on their first visiting that is to say they didn’t go to any other webpage of yours. You can deduce from this that you need to enhance your webpage as it wasn’t able to convince them to stay on your forum.

Content Analytics Tools

Below we have mentioned some of the best tools for this purpose along with their details.

  • Google Analytics
  • IO Technologies
  • Chartbeat
  •  Woopra

To know which one is best for your business, we have written the details of each content analytic tool in this article.

Hope from now, you can understand how to analyze the content and ist growth for your business maters.


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