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Content Analytics- An Ultimate Guide

posted on 2020/03/19 06:19
Home Content optimization Content Analytics- An Ultimate Guide

content drilldown google analytics

Whether you are an entrepreneur who has just launched a start-up or an experienced owner of a medium or big enterprise, promoting or marketing of goods and services online through top-notch content is an important element for success.

The logic behind this quite straightforward; we now live in the world of internet. Since billions of people from all around the globe use the internet on an everyday basis when you promote your goods there, you get to reach more people which means an increased no. of units sold. That is why almost every business whether small or big has webpages and social network profiles where they advertise their services and goods to attract more consumers. 

However, since the same types of goods and services are offered by so many companies, the competition has skyrocketed and this also implies that consumers now have too many options to choose from. This has made it more difficult to increase sales. But, internet marketing brings you the opportunity to boost your profits and income. Say, you operate independently to sell different types of goods, you can promote them on the internet to get them visible to more shoppers.

Simply put, it helps you in advertising your goods in a better way to a larger purchaser's base. So, why is content marketing important? Because the ultimate aim of any business owner or entrepreneur is to generate high incomes and revenues which is made possible via sale. The more the units sold, the better will be your income. And marketing this way aids you in selling more units. Many experts have suggested that most of the business would cease to exists even they stop focusing on marketing.

Furthermore, it assists you in presenting your goods/services in a more compelling way to the purchasers. You can make use of solid content to tell shoppers what your goods/services offer, the characteristics they possess, how can they be beneficial to them, and how do they work. Not only will this make the audience trust your goods but it will also convince them to make the purchase. It also plays a key role in building a loyal shoppers base.

If you closely analyze the leaders in your industry or successful business who are doing extremely well, you will find that they excel in online marketing. Of course, this is not the only factor that makes them successful but it definitely is among many factors contributing to their success. More entrepreneurs and businesses are now realizing its importance as they know ignoring even one element can seriously dent their effectiveness.

However, it is not as easy as just putting loads of content related to your business and goods on your web forum. To form the right advertising strategies, you are required to carry out research which involves gathering details such as who are your purchasers, what they desire, what are the trends and patterns in their interactions and purchasing behaviors, the source are they coming from, their location, etc. With these details, you can take the required actions instantly and enhance your effectiveness. Furthermore, it also helps you predict how are your goods/services going to perform in terms of the units sold. Not only that, when you conduct this research you will also get the idea of the way your competitors operate.

However, you can’t just target any random shopper because this will not only result in wasted effort but time and energy as well. So you must first identify correctly who your target shoppers will be so that you can make the best strategies accordingly. To do this, you can take into account factors such as their location, age, loyalty, gender, etc. 

Other key elements that you need to focus on to improve your content marketing strategies and enhance your effectiveness include knowing which webpages of yours do the shoppers visit the most, how much time do they spend on your platform, which is your top-performing content and how does it impact your no. of units sold and overall effectiveness. Now, how are these factors so important for improving performance? When you know which element is performing the best, you can examine it thoroughly to learn what makes them the best and use the same strategy for the other webpages.

Even though you are free to choose the kind of content you want to add to your webpages, you must ensure that they clearly reflect what you offer. Another key factor in terms of content is that you must update it regularly. Now, the reason behind this is simple; people are always looking for the latest info so they will only be attracted by your content if it offers them what they desire.

If any of these aspects are ignored, it can result in fewer sales which fewer profits. Let us say you're selling an amazing item that is just what the shoppers are looking for but you can't adequately advertise them by using appealing text, you won't be able to persuade people to buy them. If you wish to know if all of these efforts are worth it or not, you must keep an eye on your effectiveness and no. of items sold.

Now, gathering all these details such as no. of people of your webpage, the times your webpage has been viewed, etc. is known as content analytics. By now you have a clear understanding of how important it is to determine these factors but the question here is how can these be determined. Well, there are many tools available for this purpose which gives you fast and accurate results and makes all of this easy for you.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss some of the most important parameters that you must keep tabs on, how they can benefit you, different tools available and the features they offer such as content drilldown google analytics and google analytics content experiment, etc.


Below are some of the metrics that matter the most and you must keep an eye on them.

New and returning visitors

It tells you how many people on your webpage are new as well as how many of them are repeated. If you have increased no. of new readers, it means your webpage is now visible to more people.


It tells you the time that people are spending on your webpage. If you leave it quickly, it means they don’t find your webpage attractive and new need to devise new strategies while if they are on it for longer periods they have increased level of engagement.

Views And Subscribers

It shows you how many people viewed your page while subscribers reflect how many people have subscribed to get updates and latest posts via email. It will help you understand how popular your content it.

Rate of Conversions

It shows how many people convert meaning the no. of people that take the action on your platform which leads to your end-goal. It aids you in examining the effectiveness of your webpage.


It represents the no. of mentions you are getting on social networks.


It gives you the exact numbers for which your posts have been shared. More shares means, it is liked by more people. Some tool also tells you the amount of time a post on your social network is shared. Moreover, with some tools, you can also get to see the no. of comments and likes, etc.

Location and Source

It gives you the no. of readers you are getting from a specific region as well as the source they are coming from such as referral links, ads. search engines like Bing or Google etc. This info helps you in focusing on sources you are getting the most readers from.


This shows you the gadgets your readers are using to come to your webpage. You can use this info to make your webpage compatible with the gadget most used by your readers.


It is a rate which shows you the no. of people who left your forum on their first visiting that is to say they didn’t go to any other webpage of yours. You can deduce from this that you need to enhance your webpage as it wasn’t able to convince them to stay on your forum.


Content Analytics Tools

Below we have mentioned some of the best tools for this purpose along with their details.


  • Google Analytics
  • IO Technologies
  • Chartbeat
  •  Woopra

  • Google Analytics

Content Analytics

GA is without a doubt a strong and efficient software for data analytics. The tool, as suggested by the name, is designed by Google itself which gives a clear idea of how efficient it is. From start-ups and media companies to big enterprises, the tool is being used by all types of businesses in examining their operations and effectiveness. By using this tool, one not only saves time but also energyand effort. Moreover, the tool works on different gadgets such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.   

The tool offers several features and calculates important parameters and metrics that assist you to make the right strategies. It will let you examine your platform so that you are well aware of which webpage is performing well and what must be improved.   

The Real-Time Reports help you to examine the activities on your webpages as they happen at the moment. This way it gives you valuable insights into how people respond to your strategies and webpages. This info makes it easy to predict how are people going to react to your new advertisements and marketing campaign or other new content on your forum. Not only do these reports assist marketers but are also beneficial for developers, IT department and support services, etc.  

To examine these real-time details, you are required to go to the reporting section and from there you can select real-time. You will find this section on the left side. Anyone from your shoppers who have interacted with your webpages in the last 5 minutes will be included in the details of these reports whereas for other daily reports this duration is 30 minutes.   

Now, these reports consist of various sections. Firstly, the Overview section brings you the overall stats of the activities currently happening on your platform. It will let you examine which webpages of your forum are the readers mostly visiting and the duration for which they are connecting to it. Moreover, it will also give you the amount of people that are currently on your webpage.

Another useful metric that is calculated by the tool is bounce which represents the total no. of people who leave your webpage on their first visit. You can use all these details to figure out what the consumers like and what they not. You can then optimize all of your webpages accordingly to improve your performance and no. of units sold.

The tool also presents you the source from which your shoppers come from, such as direct links, advertisements, search engines or referral links, etc., and also the amount of people coming from a particular source. For instance, if it is a social media platform like Pinterest, you can use curate your webpage keeping in mind the users of that platform. Similarly, if most of your shoppers come from search engines, then you can optimize your content accordingly. The tool also shows you which search engine sends you how many shoppers like Bing, Google and so on. Again this is very helpful in improving your efficiency because these details will help you in learning which source you need to focus on.

Moreover, the tool shows you the gadgets and browser used by the people visiting your webpage as well as their location, their screen resolution, and their language, etc. These details are quite helpful and provide valuable insights into who your purchasers are.

Now, how can this info be used to offer the shoppers a more enhanced experience? Let us assume the majority of them use mobiles that don’t support flash, you can use this info and present your webpage in a way that is best compatible for mobiles and avoid using flash.

The google analytics content grouping or content grouping google analytics allows you make groups of your content so that it becomes easy to analyze them against the metrics.

Along with these stats in real-time, the tool also collects data automatically to give you historical details. Hence it saves you from the trouble of spending hours gathering the details and putting them into complex spreadsheets for analysis. These details are then used for creating and sending automatic daily reports that you can examine instantly.   

Not only can it be understood easily but it can also be configured without any hassle. To do this, you are first required to create an account and then paste a simple tracking code in your CMS. After the code is pasted, no other efforts related to is gathering details are required by you as the tool will do everything and sends you daily reports via email so that you can take necessary actions to improve the effectiveness of the platform.

Besides these automatic reports, the tool also consists of an option for creating your customized reports which enable you to add parameters and metrics that you feel are important for your business. The most like thing about the tool is that it can be used for free and there are no hidden costs.

  • IO Technologies

content grouping google analytics

This is another excellent tool intended to assist entrepreneurs and big companies alike. It aids in making your content better through optimization and helps in building a loyal shoppers base. The data can be imported into excel sheets and can also be accessed via API.

The tool presents you reports based on details collected from your platform which helps you to evaluate its effectiveness and make the right decisions. Additionally, you can also examine how people connect with the pictures on your webpages or blog.

  • Chartbeat

Chartbeat is a very effective and powerful tool that helps website owners and bloggers in building a notable online presence and shoppers' loyalty. The tool is intended to support medium and large media companies in improving consumers’ engagement. This tool has helped more than 60,000 companies in learning their consumer’s behavior, improving their content and refine their advertising based on the info gathered.

When you want to share the findings with your team, the Big Board feature can be used to show it on large screens, like projectors. The tool is also compatible with Android and iOS apps which helps you to monitor your platform and consumers can easily access data irrespective of where they are to take immediate actions

It has 3 main functions; dashboard, reporting, and optimization.

The dashboard provides you historical as well as real-time details that assist you in creating effective plans and future strategies that are likely to boost the efficiency of your platform and you have more chances of improving your platform’s effectiveness.

The historical info lets you understand the trends and patterns on your time over a period whilst the real-time data tells you what is going on your platform as far as consumer’s behaviors are concerned.

Such details help you modify your platform and give readers what they're searching for. The platform also lets you transfer details of your app to the dashboard.

The great thing about the dashboard is its ability to analyze several platforms at one time and give all the information in one place. This way, the websites can be monitored simultaneously and any data can be analyzed with ease.

It also includes a video dashboard that lets you analyze the content of your video. It can tell you what attracts the viewers and what most relates to them. These observations can be used to shape all the videos in a way that attracts the viewers. Multiple videos on your forum can be monitored with this function.

Next, is the reporting functionality that gives you comprehensive regular reports concentrating on the info collected from your webpages.The report files sent via email and can also be shared. With the important parameters and metrics, the reports bring you,, the platform's effectiveness can be enhanced by taking appropriate action.

Finally, the optimization function tells you which pages are most viewed on your web so you can decide your high performing materials. It will also tell you how the no. of people on your posts is going up and down, and how much on your webpages and posts the readers scroll down.

This function also helps you to create compelling and captivating headlines for your webpages and articles that immediately grab visitors ' attention and convince them to read the full post so you can keep them engaged for a longer period on your platform.

It also provides consulting services that can be used to get support from their extremely talented team of specialists and experts. They help you figure out which parts of your forum you need to work on in order to further enhance your performance.

The tool offers various price options, starting from $7000 per month. However, there is no fixed amount and it varies depending on the level of the visitors’ activities and the no. of consumers on your platform. Additionally, a free trial can also be requested by contacting the support team. With the free trial, no credit card details are needed.

  • Woopra

This tool offers three key features; journey, trends, and retention reports. The journey function gives you answers to the most important questions for evaluating your performance. These include the amount of units sold with the assistance of ads, how effectively are you retargeting the shoppers, the impact of live support chat on sales, etc.

With the trends feature, you can examine the historical details that show how different parameters are performing over time so that you can take action accordingly. The feature gives useful insights into the no. of new readers you get on your platform daily, what revenue are you generating from different regions, which webpages do the people view the most, etc. 

Lastly, the retention reports show you the no. of people who come back after utilizing your service or items, the degree of engagement of the shoppers with your platform, etc.

The tool offers 3 packages namely Core, Pro, and Enterprise..The core one is free to use and gives you a great chance to get the taste of what the tool offers. The Pro package can be purchased for $999/month and offers more advanced parameters and data retention for 24 months and much more. The enterprise plan consists of more advanced features. To learn about its pricing details, you need to contact the support team.


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