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Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress

posted on 2020/03/16 08:43
Home Content optimization Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress

Wordpress Analytics

The priority of almost every site owner is to drive as much traffic as possible. However, it is not a straightforward task to attract people to your webpage whether its an e-commerce retailer that offers various types of goods, an informative forum covering numerous topics or a blog about travel, etc. and you have to focus on various factors to accomplish this goal.

The first hurdle in the process of increasing consumers on your webpage is high competition due to multiple platforms covering the same niche and subject that is to say one must make it visible in the results of queries of the public. It basically means that one must utilize optimization strategies such as placing popular words and phases in the text, using backlinks and hyperlinks, etc. so that your webpage lands on a higher rank on the relevant search queries.

However, this is only the initial phase of attracting public to your forum and enhancing the end-objectives and this alone wouldn't be sufficient to make the effectiveness of your platform better if you ignore other elements.

The next and perhaps most critical thing to concentrate on is the material of the forum because it affects people's decisions about checking your platform. Though it is your responsibility to decide the types of posts you desire to put in your forum, you must ensure that they are related to the niche of your platform and are of high quality. Since the public is always searching for the latest material, frequent updating of the posts on your forum is necessary.

Suppose you succeeded to show your forum on the results of different queries effectively but you didn't refine the heading and description shown in the results to make them appealing and catchy. What will happen? Even though consumers can see your webpage when looking for such topics, they won’t be attracted by it.

Many website owners evaluate the accomplishments of their platform in terms of the total sales. For instance, if you have an online retailer platform for selling different goods, you end-goal will always be to get the max no. of sales. Right? So, once you succeed in tempting the people to check out their webpage, the next factor to focus on is making them stay on your platform for longer duration and convincing them to act. You are required to keep a record of the no. end-goals you achieved to know the degree to which your effort is yielding good results

At this point, you might be thinking of ways to boost your effectiveness. Well, it can be done by paying attention to two key elements; did you define your intended consumers accurately, and do you give them what they desire?

Now, when you approach the wrong group, or don't give them what they're desire they won’t have any reason to come your platform. In order to assess these factors correctly, you must be aware of who your consumers are, where they start, the time they remain on your platform and what posts they visit frequently on your platform, etc.

In addition, learning which posts or articles do the best in terms of attracting the most readers and keeping them engaged for longer periods of time is also very helpful in improving your site's effectiveness because if you are aware of what you are doing correctly, you can use the same techniques for other articles.

Several other significant aspects to make the public's experience on your domain better are figuring out their location, the browsers, and gadgets they are using when they come to your forum, etc. This way you can make your web page more compatible with their devices and browsers etc.

Since you now know quite well about what elements you must work on to make your forum more effective, the next thing to do is to concentrate on determining these elements. Since it is the era of automation, many software, and tools known as analytics tools are now crafted to assist you with examining your platform and the activities of the public. These tools bring you several key metrics and parameters that are determined based on the info collected from your webpage. It makes assessment of your site quick and simple for you effectiveness.

Since the competition in marketing is increasing at a fast pace and the public's demands are also rising, this tool is now being utilized by hundreds of site owners. Nonetheless, many of them still haven't explored them fully because they think these tools are a bit complicated, But there are also several tools that are fast and convenient to use and one can utilize them to their full potential.

In this guide, we will discuss the most powerful such tools for the CMS. A few of them a free while some are paid.

Analytics Solutions

  • MonsterInsights
  • Heap
  • Parsely
  • Woopra
  • Kissmetrics
  • Clicky
  • StatCounter
  • Mixpanel
  • Chartbear


Wordpress Analytics

This plugin enables the addition of GA to your platform and it is definitely one of the easiest and quickest ways of include the code to your webpage. This app allows GA to be installed in only a few minutes.

Now,this isn't a secret that GA is super efficient. The tool shows where the people on your webpage land from, the gadgets and browsers they make use of when they come to your webpage, their display resolution, and language, etc. Such details are really important and equip you with valuable insights into who your guests are.

The app also aids you to see which webpages on your forum are the most frequently accessed by readers and the duration of time they connect with your forum. Another important parameter measured by this method is the a rate representing the no. of people who left the forum on their initial visit. Using this detail, one can discover what is desired by people and what isn't.

You must go over to the plugin section to download it, which is present in your CMS dashboard. When the "add new" button is pressed, loads of plugins will be presented to you. Here, you can look for this plugin by its name to save time.

When the above phase is completed, you have to set up the plugin by connecting your analytics account to it. The account can be automatically connected using your code, or you can do it manually. It is suggested to do it automatically, however, because doing this will allow you to useful features like boards and reports. Next, you will then be required to pick the forum you want to mange and put in the code.

To generate the code, you are first required to have an Id on gmail. If you don’t own one, it can simply be create for free. The next step is to set up your GA profile. After your profile is completed, head over to the admin tab which is present at the top. Next, select your profile and the platform. Finally, go to info and then code.

Now that the plugin is configured, you can start using it to monitor your platform. The plugin lets you access and evaluate your web page details directly from the CMS dashboard. What you have to do is click on Insights, and then go to the reports section. The plugin comes in two versions one is free while you have to pay fees for the other one. The paid edition lets you utilize more apps, such as advertising and e-commerce examining, etc. However, GA itself is totally free to use without any hidden costs.


Heap is another excellent tool that helps you to automatically monitor any event on your website or mobile device so that you don’t have to put excessive effort or energy. For instance, Heap tracks the total clicks on the web, no. of form submissions, and much more. When it comes to mobile, the tool records every click or swipe and that too without the need for configuration. A great thing about this tool is that it doesn’t require any plugin from 3 rd party for configuration.

The Event Visualizer feature can be used to keep tabs on conversion funnels and you can also examine what people did before conversion. The tool offers a free package as well as a paid one. The price of the paid version is not fixed and can be estimated by contacting their support team.


Used by more than 1000 website owners, Parsely is a popular and efficient analytics tool that lets subscribers keep track of their webpage activities. It lets you evaluate your forum's effectiveness and help you enhance your it to offer a better experience to your consumers. The tool will aid you to learn which stuff is attracting the most people to your site.

It uses a powerful AI that tracks your pages and the audience's actions and makes suggestions for posts based on the information collected. Developed for both enterprises and start-ups, the tool is extremely easy to use. Furthermore, it is most popular for its security as it is certified under EU Protection Shield ISO 27001.

Not only does it bring you real-time details, telling you what people are actually doing on your platform but it also shows you historical data that helps to figure out behavior patterns and trends of the audience. Real-time and historical details are useful in making more effective strategies and plans.

The tool determines around 30 key metrics and parameters that provide useful insights into your platform’s effectiveness. It will calculate the amount of views on a page or post, the total minutes that people spent on a post or article, the total visitors on a specific post, the average time and the total number of times that a post has been shared. These details are useful in figuring out which posts or pages are your best performers. Once you are aware of this, you can examine them closely to understand what makes them perform well and can apply the same formula to the other pages.

What’s more, the tool will also show you the no. of people and engaged readers on your forum from a specific region. The tool also tells you where they are coming from; social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. or search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Another great addition to this powerful tool is“current” which can be used to determine the undercovered topics. This way you have increased chances of driving more public to your post.

In addition to being easy to understand, the tool can also be configured with ease. For this, you will first need to sign up for by providing your email ID and the website you want to monitor it with. You'll then need to pick your integration.

To integrate it with your CMS, you just have to download and paste its code to your platform and that is it, you can then start utilizing this great tool. You can now use your dashboard. Here various useful features can be found. You can toggle between real-time and historical details and examine all the metrics.

The tool has 3 pricing plans; starter, growth, and enterprise. The starter package is ideal for teams with no more than 6 members. It costs $500/month. This package lets you monitor one website, gives you access to full web analytics and 250k unique visitors a month. The best thing about this package is that it offers a 30 days free trial and doesn’t require any credit card information for the trial.

The growth package is perfect for a team of 5 to 20 people. It is available for $1500 per month and this package gives you access to full web analytics and allows you inspect one forum.

Lastly, the enterprise package is best suited for big companies and brands. It lets you monitor multiple apps and websites and gives you access to multi-channel analytics. Not to mention, it offers more than 100 seats. This package doesn’t have a fixed price as it can be customized according to your requirements. With this package, you will also get phone and email support.


Wordpress Analytics

Three useful features named journey, trends, and retention reports are offered by the tool. The journey feature presents you answers to some key questions for evaluating your site’s effectiveness. These include, how successful are you in retargeting your audience, how many conversions were achieved from ads, the impact of live support chat on conversions, etc.

With the trends function, you can examine the performance of different parameters over time and then make plans accordingly. The tools offer valuable insights into what revenue you receive from various countries, the total unique viewers that you get on your platform every day, which posts get the most page views, etc.

Finally, the retention reports show you the degree of audience interaction with your platform, the no. of people returning to your platform after using your service or goods.

The tool has three packages named Core, Pro, and Enterprise. The core edition can be used without any cost and is a great way of getting an idea of what the tool offers. The Pro package costs $999/month and offers more advanced reports, data retention for 24 months, and much more. The enterprise plan has more advanced functions and its pricing details can be obtained by contacting the support team.


With this tool, you can examine how did your audience interact on your site before they converted. For instance, assume you are offering a free trial for your service, this tool will allow you to examine how much time after using the free trails did your audience take to purchase the full version. Moreover, it will also tell you the way they engaged on your platform before they made the purchase.

It helps you to monitor the action triggered by people without any inconvenience and gives you both historical and real-time details on the events occurring on your site. With its attractive and easy to learn interface, the tool is quite popular among site owners. You can ask for a demo before you decide to buy it.


Clicky is a strong and efficient analytics software that consists of various features. Not only does it have an attractive interface but it is also user-friendly and provides you a detailed view of the people on your platform. Not only does it bring you comprehensive historical data but it also offers real-time details so you can evaluate the efficiency of your platform and be aware of your progress. Therefore it allows you to keep tabs on how people have previously connected with your web page and also how they are currently connecting with it.

An important function of the tool is that when you receive reports, you can get details on which metrics are performing well and which one needs improvement. To do thus, you simply have to go to the column in the reports you wist to get the details of. Any reader that has been on your webpage for at least 30 seconds will be marked engaged but will not be factored in the bounce rate calculations.

The tool has 5 different packages; one is them is free while the remaining 4 are paid and have different prices.


It is another excellent tool that offers you the details of the audience’s interaction on your platform right when it is happening. Moreover, it also allows you to keep an eye on the IP addresses of every individual reader to aid you in learning what is it that they do on your platform. The tool makes it quite easy and simple to examine how people behaves on your site. The tool has a free package and various paid packages as well. The prices of these packages vary according to the no. of views on the webpage they let you analyze.


This simple and easy analytics tool aids you in examining the success of your sites and applications. Even though tool does not consist of any dashboards or charts but it still offers enough functionality to examine the audience interactions on your platform. The tool offers different paid packages as well as a free one.


Chartbeat is an efficient and strong tool that assists bloggers and other site owners in creating a loyal consumer base and an impactful online presence. Along with the real-time details, the tool also offers reports of historical data so that the right strategies can be developed. It will aid you in learning which webpage or posts on your platform are your best performers and are most visited by the people. It helps you in optimizing the web pages in a way that not only attracts the audience but also makes them stay on your site.

This tool has been used by over 60,000 companies for improving their web pages and learning the behavior of their audience. It offers 3 main features; dashboards, reporting, and optimization.

The optimization function can be utilized to write catchy and attractive headlines for your pages which will surely attract the public and tempts them to stay on the webpage for a longer time. Moreover, it even lets you to check your headlines and optimize them.

This function also shows you which of your webpage or posts are performing the best based on the amount of views they are getting, how much does your audience scroll down on your platform and how the views on your posts is going up and down.

The tool also gives you daily reports through email which consists of important details. These can assist you in operating more efficiently. The reports can also be shared via emails and allow you to manage your site subscriptions.

It also has a plugin with the help of which the code can be easily added on your CMS platform. Once installed, you can access your account on the dashboard of your site.

Firstly, download and install the plugin for WordPress offered by Chartbeat. Now, to configure it, link your profile to the tool. Next, it must be activated which is done by going to settings and providing your ID.

The tool comes with 3 different pricing plans starting from $7000 a month. However, the price of the pancakes varies with the quantity of people on your platform and the degree of engagement of the audience. A free trial can also be requested by simply contacting their support team. Furthermore, you won’t be asked to provide any credit card information when you request for the free trial.


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