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A Detailed Guide To Real time Analytics

posted on 2020/03/17 08:58
Home Content optimization A Detailed Guide To Real time Analytics

real time analytics

Are you an owner of an informative online forum or do you run a blog? Maybe you have an E-commerce platform where you are offing different kinds of goods? No matter which type of forum you own, the biggest priority of any owner is to increase the traffic on their domain and improve the amount of units sold. Right? The login behind this is simple; the success of an online forum is usually measured on the basis of these two factors. For instance, the end-goal of any e-commerce owner who is offering different goods is to have the maximum amount of units sold.

However, it is not as easy as writing random posts and attracting thousands of people. To actually improve your platform’s effectiveness and the way it works, you have to pay attention to various factors.

To begin with, you have to ensure that people can actually see your web page when they search for relevant stuff and because the competition is increasing day by day it is getting more difficult to land on the first page of the search engine. This is because there are now thousands of webpages covering the same niche and topics. However, with the right techniques of optimization like usage of proper keywords, hyperlinks, and backlinks, etc., you can definitely achieve this target.

But, this is just the first step to improving your webpage’s readers and accomplishing end goals. You have to work on several other factors that play a key role in enhancing your platform’s effectiveness.

While you are placing keywords in your text, ensure that you are not overusing them as this will not only make the text uninteresting but will also impact your rankings. Solid material is what attracts the people to any web page, so this should be your goal. Even though it is totally up to you to select the kind of posts you want to add to your platform, you must ensure that they are top-notch and relevant to your platform’s niche. Another important factor related to the material of the webpage is that you must update it on a regular basis. The reason for this is that the readers always wants to be presented with the latest info.

Now, what happens when you ignore the element mentioned above? Let us assume, you have used the best techniques for optimization and have successfully managed to get your webpage on a higher position on the queries' results but you webpage doesn't have what is desired by the people. In this case, they will not be attracted by your webpage which means less consumers and fewer orders.

After you are successful in making the people land on your platform, you can then focus on making them stay for a longer time so that you can convince them to convert. To figure out whether your efforts are paying off or not, one must keep an eye on their consumers and the amount of units sold.

When you are trying to improve your profits, you need to ask yourself two key questions; have you identified your target shoppers correctly and are you offering them what they need? Because when you are not targeting the right ones or does not provide them what they are looking for, it will result in wasted time, effort and money. To get these factors right, you have to first figure out who are your consumers, how did they find your platform, what are they currently doing on your webpage, which pages are they clicking, how long are they staying on your platform, etc.

Additionally, knowing which pages or posts are performing the best based on the views they are getting and the duration for which they are keeping the shoppers engaged is also very important for improving your webpage's effectiveness because this way you are aware of what you are doing right, and you can use the same formula for other articles as well.

Some other important aspects you need to focus on for providing a better experience to your consumers include knowing their location, the browsers, and gadgets they use when they land on your platform, etc. When you know these details, you will be able to make your webpage more compatible with the gadgets and browsers used by them.

All in all, you need to use real-time analytics to determine all these aspects. There are several tools available that bring you real-time data along with the historical one to help you make better strategies and decisions.

In this detailed article, we will discuss all about real-time analytic,s real time big data analytics and some of the best tools which offer this feature. So keep reading the article.

What is Real-Time Analytics?

As the name suggests, it simply means the analytics happening in real-time. Simply put, it means that you get the data of the events and activities on your webpage right when they are happening so that you can keep an eye on the metrics and parameters that are the most important to you.

This analytics is used by business owners to monitor different aspects of their online forum such as trends and patterns of the consumers' behavior just as they happen. This allows them to take quick actions and solve issues quickly, improve the way their forum operates and overall effectiveness of their platform. If you are not using real-time analytics, you will be making important decisions based on the info that is obsolete by hours or days. Hence, you won’t be able to compete with competitors.

Real time analytics enables companies to track their business health and let them monitor how are their daily operations going and whether the efforts they are putting to improve their platform are actually paying off or not.

Advantages of Real-Time Data

It goes without saying the biggest advantage of real-time analytics is that you have timely and precise data. However, there are other advantages as well. First of all, it helps in reducing the risks as tools can use this data to estimate outcomes so that you can make contingency plans.

Moreover, it also helps you get ahead of the competition as you can predict the requirements of the shoppers and make sure you are providing them what they need. This way you can offer them an excellent experience and hence improve your business performance. It also helps you prevent issues even before they occur. Also, companies using real-time data can more easily detect trends and patterns than their rivals that only use historical data. Not to mention, this type of data results in higher profits in the longer run.

Google Analytics Real Time

Google Analytics is undoubtedly powerful and efficient data analytics software. The tool, as clear from the name, is designed by Google itself which gives a clear idea of how efficient it is. From media companies to bloggers and other online business owners, the tool is used by all types of owners in monitoring their operations and effectiveness .

The tool offers various features and determines important parameters and metrics that help you make the right strategies. It will let you examine your platform so that you are well aware of which page is performing well and what needs to be improved.

 In Google Analytics, the Real-Time Reports help you to track activities on your webpages as they happen at the moment. This way it offers valuable insights into how people respond to your strategies and webpages.

With this information, it becomes easy for you to anticipate how are people going to react to your new marketing campaign or other new posts on your platform. However, these reports are not only beneficial to marketers but can also be utilized by developers, IT department and support services, etc.

To access these real-time details in GA, you need to go to the reporting section and from there you can select real-time. You will find this section on the left side. Anyone from your shoppers who has interacted with your platform in the last 5 minutes will be included in the data of these reports whereas in other daily reports this duration is 30 minutes.

Now, these reports consist of several sections. Firstly, the Overview section shows you the overall stats of what is currently happening on your platform.

It will tell you the amount of people that are on your webpage at the moment. Moreover, these reports will also let you monitor which webpages of your forum are the readers mostly visiting and the duration for which they are connecting to your platform. Another useful parameter that is calculated by the tool is the rate which represents the total no. of people who leave your webpage on their first visit.

You can use all these details to figure out what is liked by the consumers and what’s not. You can then optimize all of your webpages accordingly to improve no. of consumers and goods sold.

The tool tells you the location of the people currently visiting your webpage as well as the gadgets and browsers they are using, their screen resolution, and their language, etc. These details are very useful and provide useful insights into who your shoppers are. Now, how can this info be used to offer them enhanced experience? Let us say the majority of them use mobiles that are not supported by flash, you can use this info and present your webpage in a way that is best suited for mobiles and avoid using flash.

It also shows you where are the people coming from on your platform such as direct links, ads, search engines or referral links, etc. Moreover, it also calculates the exact amount of people that came from a given source and provides you even the little details of every source.

For instance, if most of your shoppers are coming from search engines, it will show you how many people are coming from a specific search such as Google, Bing, etc. These details will help you in understanding which source you need to focus on to enhance your effectiveness. For instance, if it is a search engine, you will know that you need to optimize your pages specifically for it. Similarly, if it is a social media platform like Twitter, you can use curate your webpage, especially for such shoppers.

Along with these current stats, the tool also automatically collects data to give you historical details. Hence it saves you from the inconvenience of spending hours gathering the data and pasting it into complex spreadsheets to analyze. These details are then used to create automatic reports that you can analyze instantly.

The tool is quite easy to understand and configure. For this, you first need to create an account and then paste a simple tracking code. After the code is pasted, you don’t need to put any effort into gathering any details as the tool will send you daily reports via email so that you can make effective decisions on what must be done to improve the effectiveness of the platform. By using this tool, one not only saves energy but also time and effort. Moreover, the tool supports desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

In addition to these automatic reports, the tool also gives you an option to create your customized reports where you can add important parameters and metrics according to your requirements and needs. The best thing about the tool is that it is available for free and there are no hidden costs.

Other Tools That Provide Real-Time Data

  • Chartbeat
  • Woopra
  • Clicky
  • Parsely


  • Chartbeat

real time analytics

Designed to support medium and large businesses in enhancing their consumer engagement and their presence on the internet, Chartbeat is a strong and effective analytics tool. It has bee utilized by more than 60,000 businesses to learn their shopper behavior and improve their advertising based on the data gathered.

The tool consists of 3 main functions; dashboard, reporting, and optimization.

With the dashboards, you can access real-time data which shows you what is currently going on your platform as far as consumers' interactions are concerned. These details help you to take quick actions and customize your pages to provide the readers what they are searching for.

Moreover, it also brings you historical stats that will help you in figuring out trends and patterns. You can use real-time and historical details to make more effective strategies that will definitely help you improve your webpage’s operations. This feature also lets you your app data to the dashboard so that you can analyze everything in one place.

Another useful function offered by the dashboard is that it allows you to keep an eye on multiple domains at a time and presents you all of their details in one place. This way, several domains can be monitored simultaneously and they can be analyzed with ease.

Lastly, it also offers a video dashboard that allows you to analyze the elements of your video. It tells you which aspects of your video most relate to the people and these details can be used to shape all of the videos in a way that attracts the viewers. Moreover, it lets you monitor several videos on your domain.

The reporting feature provides you comprehensive reports regularly which are based on the details collected from your platform. The reports are sent through email and can also be shared. With the information the reports consist of, you can plan appropriate actions to improve your webpage's effectiveness.

Lastly, the optimization function lets you understand which pages are most viewed on your platform and give you useful insights into which pages are performing the best. It will also show you how traffic on your posts increases or decreases, and how much on your webpages the readers scrolls down.

Moreover, it also allows you to test the headlines and then modify them to make them more attractive so that your webpages can quickly catch the readers ' attention and convince them to read the full article. When you customize all of your pages based on what people need, you can make them stay on your platform for a longer time.

Consultancy services are also offered by the tool that can be used to get the opinion of their extremely experienced and talented team of experts. They help you in finding out the aspects of your platform that needs improvement so that you can get to the top.

Android and iOS applications are also supported by the tool from which you can access data easily no matter where you are so that you can take quick actions. Another great feature offered by the tool is the Big Board which allows you to review data on big displays such as projectors so that you can easily discuss it with your team.

There are multiple price options offered by the tool, starting from $7000 per month. But the price is not fixed as you are charged based on the consumers on your domain and the level of their interaction. What’s more, a free trial can also be requested by contacting the support team. You are not required to provide any credit card info for the free trial.

  • Woopra

This tool offers three key functions named journey, trends, and retention reports. The journey feature provides you answers to the most important questions for analyzing the effectiveness of your domain. These include how effectively are you retargeting the consumers, the total orders received from ads and the impact of live support chat on sales, etc.

The trends feature provides you historical data so that you can evaluate how different parameters are performing over time and take actions accordingly. This feature provides important details such as the revenue are you generating from specific regions, the total unique readers you get on your platform daily, which pages do people visit the most, etc.

With the retention reports, you get valuable insights into the level of engagement of the readers with your platform, the no. of people who come back after utilizing your service or items, etc.

The tool offers 3 packages namely Core, Pro, and Enterprise. The core version is free to use and gives you an opportunity to understand what the tool offers. The Pro package can be purchased for $999/month and offers data retention for 24 months and more advanced parameters. The enterprise plan consists of advanced features. To get the pricing details of this package, you need to contact the support team.

  • Clicky

real time big data analytics

Clicky is another power analytics software that comes with multiple features. With its easy to use and attractive interface, the tool gives you a comprehensive view of the readers on your platform. Not only does it offer real-time data but the historical details as well so that you can keep an eye on your progress and make informed decisions to enhance your platform’s effectiveness. Simply put, it allows you to keep tabs on how people have interacted with your webpage and also how they are connecting with it currently.

Another great function offered by the tool is that when you get reports, it allows you to get detailed info on which metrics are performing well and which ones need to be improved. This can be done by simply clicking on the section in the reports you want to analyze. The tool marks anyone who has been on your domain for 30 or more seconds as engaged but doesn’t include them while calculating the bounce rate.

The tool offers 5 different packages. One of them is free so that you can get the idea of how the tool operates while the other 4 are paid and have different prices.

  • Parsely

Parsely is a fast and excellent analytics software that helps you in keeping an eye on the activities and events happening on your webpage. The tool helps you understanding which pages on your platform are getting the most views. This tool is used by more than 1000 entrepreneurs and companies for analyzing their webpage, and optimizing it so that they can provide a better consumer experience.

It provides real-time details that give insights into what people are currently doing on your platform. Furthermore, the tool also gives you historical data that can be used to understand the trends of the buyers’s behavior. Both of these details are quite useful in making informed decisions and effective future strategies.

The tool calculates 30 useful parameters to help you in analyzing the performance of your platform.








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